Curtainsider Body

Base Frame

  • High strength RHS box s Steel frame work
  • 3mm wall thickness
  • Floor joists set at 400 centres and marine smooth finish ply wood 17mm
  • Heavy duty rear frame with weather cowl at rear top of frame.


  • Fibre glass roof single one piece skin
  • 3mm thickness on Dura gal steel
  • Roof bows at 500 centres
  • All fasteners are huck type mono bolts all round

Internal Fit out

  • 1 set of fluted alloy kick plates all round glued and riveted to the side walls
  • 2 set of tie fitted RHS box
  • Steel tubs on pressed mount brackets
  • Glued and riveted to the side walls and welded at the each end


  • 2 Rear barn doors with one cam lock per door
  • 1 door hold back unit per unit
  • 1 side wall bump plate per side to suit


  • 2 front led clearance lights fitted to top of front wall
  • 2 side clearance lights at rear corner of body
  • Remount 2 rear tail-lights and alter wiring to suit tail gate loaders application


Rear of Body

  • Rear pillar type saddle step and with tread plate fitted
  • Recess and chassis alternations for tailgate loaders
  • 2 hand grab rails fitted on rear frame


  • Base frame prime coated and finished in chassis black top coat under body
  • Rear flooring and frame finished in 2 coats of enamel
  • Guards gal 4 only supplied and fitted 2 stays per guard bolted on
  • Note: each body is installed to QLD Transport Requirements.


  • Plain on colour as per fleet requirements and with stainless steel buckets
  • 1 centre breakaway support


  • 1 full set of side gates with drop in blade supports